Around the Bell (2011)

For an ensemble of 14 musicians

Commissioned by Studio for New Music Ensemble

Premiered on 26th January 2012 in the Rachmaninov hall of the Tchaïkovsky of Moscow.


The work is an answer to a project that involved asking several composers to take a theme related to Russia as an inspiration for a series of exchanges with Western Europe. My admiration for russian musicians and writers boosted the modesty that led me to incline towards a cinematography character.

The work has the theme of the manufacturing, the creation, centered in the character of Boris, the young craftsman, a bell manufacturer from Andreï Tarkovsky’s film Andreï Roublev(1966).


Boriska embodies the symbol of all the risks that artists and artisans who face the world; his youth, as well as his faith and conviction, lead him, in spite of the ignorance he keeps hidden, to passionately throw himself into the creation/manufacturing of the bell for the visit of the Zar.

The structuring of “Around the Bell” corresponds to these stages, these internal states of mind that will give birth, in fine, to the work of art.

Here, more than the very sound of the bell, what is given on to listen is its secret preparation, the formation of an internal hearing of a reality that will finally end up being produced.

This is the beauty of the path that leads to the work, to the true object of the writing of a piece.

Press > Voix de la Russie

L’intégration musicale de la Russie et de l’Europe

Le 26 Janvier, le huitième concert du cycle «L’Europe à travers les yeux des Russes. La Russie à travers les yeux des européens» a eu lieu dans la salle Rachmaninov au Conservatoire Tchaïkovski de Moscou.

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La musique française chante le russe

À Moscou, dans le cadre du projet : l’Europe aux yeux des Russes et la Russie aux yeux des Européens, le compositeur français Louis Naon a interprété ses œuvres aux côtés du jeune compositeur russe de musique électronique Alexeï Nadjarov.

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