Del fuego las resonancias (1992)

(The resonances of fire)
For guitar

For Miguel Angel Girolet

Del fuego las resonancias is a piece composed for Miguel Angel Girolet for a concert in the Maison of Radio France within the context of the International Guitar Festival.

This composition is made up of two different parts linked only by a sort of interior flame. The material used is diametrically opposite, as well as the performance modes that I have put into practice.

The first piece is eminently harmonical and almost spectral; it explores the particular and rather infrequent resonance modes of the instrument. It asks for a particular skill in the digitalization extensions and in unusual reflexes. It is a piece in which the floating rhythm is at the service of a vertical time blossom which intertwines several polyphonic lines.

The second, by opposition, is a virtuous and relatively comfortable piece. It is entirely composed over the energy of a skill gesture which is known to guitarists. It plays with timbre, very close the nylon strings. The flame that emanates from the linking of lines and chorts in the first piece has literally been transferred to the rhythmic events sphere and to a kind of struggle between bordonas and nylon.

Luis Naón

Del fuego las Resonancias
for guitar created in the Festival International de Guitare 1992 at Studio 105 Maison de Radio France par Miguel Angel Girollet.

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