Double Urbana – Cruz y ficciones (1998/2001) (Urbana 17)

For double orchestra (with two directors).
Duration : 14 minutes.

The piece now has cruz y ficciones (cross and fictions) as the subtitle, in resonance with Abel Robino’s work; an extract from his installation Robbery was the original poster for the concert.

Through the different levels of orchestral writing I set out to impose a New movement which, although it is implicit in the traditional orchestral work, has been underdeveloped as a predominant and essential part on behalf of the composers.

Taking as a starting point the simple idea of a countersinging or of a traditional counterpoint, the extension of the musical language to a double orchestra boosts and makes feasible ideas that would otherwise be impossible in other contexts. Some examples are the pulse and tempi superimpositions, the dialogue or playwriting between levels that can create a dialogue of explicit material with its hypothetical anverse, or else the simultaneous statement of a purpose and its unmentionable secret commentary.

In a certain way, the work is still of classic making, as it is about the instrument and its own laws: the orchestra.

The other important idea that led me to the decision of dividing the orchestra is that of exploring from its cartography a different musical space. Here is the essential point: the exploration of the other space, with its own language taken to the space of the real concert.

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