Portraits crachés (Urbana 13) (2013)

Portraits Crachés  (Urbana 13) (2013)
Faithful (scratched) Portraits
For acordeon, 2 percussions, fixed sound and video projection.
Drawings by Abel Robino, video by Diego Pittaluga.
Based on texts by Yves Pages

Commissioned by INA-GRM. Released in Radio France on 11 May 2013.

Images by Abel Robino and Diego Pittaluga.


Prière d’insérer ces sans dialogue fixe, omis de la première heure, caractères jamais imprimés, pseudo-pseudos, prépilonnés d’office, dyslexiques sexuels, oisifs inter-cérébraux, incompossibles mutuels, fausses notes en bas de page,… sociétaires du pestacle, personnages en fin de droits, , petites natures mortes au travail, sculpteurs sans statut…

For this version of the Portraits Crachés, which may be translated as Living Portraits or Faithful Portraits but at the same time “scratched” or spit upon, (in French, the ambiguity of its naming clearly displays the double meaning) I have chosen a series of short texts from the first volume of Pages’ book, as well as extracts from the publication of his “enfin brefs” —finally brief(see www.archyves.net), et les litanies que François Wastiaux a mise en scène, en décembre 2007.

and the lethanies which dramatist Francois Wastiaux staged on December 2007.

The ensemble gives place to a form that is set between concert music and the radiophonic piece, performed live by the KDM trio. These musical characters placed in the very universe of the word and the portrait, become, without the need to speak, the commentators, the never-printed parentheses, the subliminals for the unsaid… The musical trio takes the shape, I would say, with sorrow, of Lucien, René, Claudine, Bachir, Allí, Elise, Sheila, who are fictitious or real characters marginal to the social and the literary.

In the bifurcations that the musicians proposed my own commentaries on these texts, which are abstract because of their purely musical nature, can be heard, clearly and also deferred.

To paraphrase Yves Pagès, I would say that

They are living portraits, thrown like that, to the air, and that fatally, they had to fall on us.

Special thanks to Amandine, Anthony, Barnabé, Gilles, Jean, Luis, Mahtias, Rodrigo, Rut, Stéphanie, d’avoir prêté leurs voix à Alexis, Charlotte, Bachir, etc.

The book “Portraits Chrachés 2”, a new extended versión, is published in the Verticales editions. The score in  Babelscores.com.

Portraits crachés
Total length: 31’29 seconds
Anthony Millet,
Gilles Durot et Bachar Khalifé,
Enregistré au Studio 115 de la Maison de la Radio à Paris, le 11 mai 2013

French Version,  compositing by Diego Pittaluga on drawings and graffitis by Abel Robino

French Version,  spanish subtitles. Compositing by Diego Pittaluga on drawings and graffitis by Abel Robino

0’00            Introduction
1’05            C’est du papier remâché d’avance
1’45            Lucien, désargenté structurel
2’00            Fuga
6’25            Première Litanie
7’45            Charlotte, Miraculée chronique
8’29            Sheïla, pas une vraie chanteuse
10’15         Alexis, et les accents
11’25         Deuxième Litanie
12’34         Cajón principal
14’10         Bachir, Déchet recyclable
14’40         André, Vandale accidentel
16’06         Troisième Litanie
18’19         René et Claudine
21’40         Disparitions
22’10         Emile, le bistrotier
23’00         Autobiographie
23’50         Ali, l’épicier du coin
25’50         Enumération : Louis Lamark
Sheid, le dunkerkois
Kremer, de Pont-à-mousson
Le lyonnais Frachet
L’infirmière Elise Bachmann
Le trio, certaine folle
27’38         Erratum XX siècle
28’09         La loi des grands nombres
29’08         Origine inconnue
29’17         Laurence D. Photographe
29’36         Urinoir public.

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