Rhevma (2009)

For Saxophone quartet

Premiered in Eindhoven on 31th January 2010

Commissioned by AXONE quartet

Edited by Gérard Billaudot.


Rhevma is a greek term that could translate as “current”, is this case as an air current that moves along the reeds of the saxophone.

The air which by being exhaled stimulates the poet’s vocal chords can turn into a poetic word, and this way the air becomes musical energy.

In Greek, the significance extends into the sea water ebbs. However, the metaphor that guided me in the composition was bringing into scene the musical beings, through the transmission of energy, that rhevma that creates life from the almost inaudible sound to the complete musical phrase.

The current’s direction is declined in three moments from which the main characteristics are movement and instrumental osmosis

In the first movement, energy transmission is carried out within narrow pipes. The listening is filled with trajectories and flows which accelerate and interrupt.

The second movement proposes a universe in which the liquids leave room for colours and for the slow mutation of the timbre through the combination of multiphonic sounds. Breeze and eolic movement appear almost naked in progressively metamorphosed texture.

The third resumes the characteristics and concepts from the first movement (and more tangentially from the second). However, we move away from the metaphor of the current in order to submerge into a universe in which phenomena are from a purely musical order.

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