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Diabolus Urbanus (2000) (Urbana 15)

For viola and fixed sounds 

Commissioned by the French Ministry of Culture and the l’INA-GRM.

Premiered on February the 6th 2001 in the Olivier Messiæn Concert Hall. Radio France.

Duration: 12′ 58″

This work is the 15th part of the Urbana* cycle, and the first of a smaller cycle for one instrument and electronics in multichannel (most of them in a 5.1 system).

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String Quartet No. 2 (Wheel – Star) (Urbana 4) (1999-2000)

For string quartet.
Editions Gérard Billaudot, for rent.

Commissioned by the Quatuor Liger.

Reading by the Quatuor Liger in the Robino-Naón Exposition – Nantes, May 2001.
Prize “Luis de Narváez” de la Caja de Granada. Premiered in Granada on 2nd April 2002. By Orpheus Quartet.

Circa 17 min.

By its extremely coded essence, the first and almost instantaneously visual image that appears when one sees a string quartet is four musicians playing chamber music. The weight this tradition carries is always heavy in the case of string instruments; in this traditional value scale, the quartet represents the highest and richest musical forms that have given place to outstanding pages in the occidental musical history.

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Alto Voltango (2001) (Urbana 23)

For alto saxophone and vibraphone.

Commissioned by Société Selmer and the XIV International Music Course of Benidorm.
Editions Lemoine

The work is a series of free interludes. Composed for vibraphone and alto saxophone solos, “Alto Voltango” might be seen as a composition within other compositions. Its decontextualization is perfectly possible. Integrated by five movements, with evocative subtitles, the work is about the high-voltage current. This current, which goes through the instrumentalists (in a way an electro acoustic piece!) is revealed by an execution precision of great individual and vertical difficulty. It has a tango perfume, a tango that has been struck by strong voltages.

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