Diagonal (1999) (Urbana 18)

For octet: Flute, Clarinet, Bandoneon, 2 Violins, Viola, Cello and Double bass.

Commissioned by the Orchestra of Paris.

In memory of my father.

Urbana cycle is, in its essence, related with the city, the polis.

Diagonal is added, naturally, to this cycle. It too is, by the way in which time is assumed, the development of a life, with its meanders, ruptures and secondary paths. I wanted to sketch, in proportion, the life of my father, who I had just lost. However, even though the work is not programmatic, I hope that its hearing will walk along the diagonal that connects the original motivation for its composition and the emotional result, which is purely musical.

Due to the instruments and the musical materials unfolded, Diagonal is kin to music from Buenos Aires. A distant tango lyric came back to me: “yo soy un cacho de Buenos Aires, hecho a cortadas y diagonal” [“I am a piece of Buenos Aires, made from cuts and diagonals”], a direct reference to the diagonal streets Diagonal Norte and Diagonal Sur which originate from Plaza de Mayo. But the true reference it to the city of La Plata, “the city of diagonals”, where I was born. The city is made up of figures and geometry and it has an oblique axis, Diagonal 74, whose extremes are two departures: the cemetery and the river.

Comun Req Oct



Recorded at the Opéra Comique, september 1999
Solistes de l’Orchestre de Paris
directed by Rut Schereiner

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