Duel 1 * (Les princesses) (2008)

For clarinet in B flat and soprano saxophone.

Initially conceived for choreographies by Nathalie Pernette and Shiro Daïmon.

Photo: Arthur Péquin

The piece was intended to be performed by the instrumentalists within a considerable distance from each other. The original auditory space was a kind of long corridor of 25 metres long and 7 metres wide in which two dancers execute a very slow movement starting from each end into the centre where they intermingle. The public was arranged all through the length of the corridor and that way they perceived the instrumental sound from left to right.

Therefore, the piece can be executed in a traditional duet with certain closeness of the interpreters or in uncommon ways: one musician in the scene and the other behind the public, or both in different places of the concert space.

Duel 1

Pierre Ragu, clarinette , Jacques Charles, saxophone soprano.
enregistrement à la Muse en Circuit
novembre 2008

* Score on demand.

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