Duel 2 * (Les princesses) (2008)

For violin and cello

Initially conceived for choreographies by Guesch Patti
and Andréa Sitter.

Photo: Arthur Péquin

Just like Duel 1, this second piece was thought for two different spaces. The musicians, synchronized using a click track, play the piece in different places and each of them is transmitted through loudspeakers in the auditorium the other is in. Originally, the piece was played two times, the public remains in the auditorium (the theatre’s rehearsal studios) and the interpreters, cords and dancers, interchange stages.

The piece, which has taken on a life of its own, can be played as a traditional duet as well as particular dispositives.

Tempo is uniform throughout the piece, comprised of three big arches in which the material mutates and creates a fusion of both instruments of polyphonic-like escapes.

Duel 2

Marie Charvet, violon
Isabelle Veyrier, violoncelle.
enregistrement à la Muse en Circuit
novembre 2008

* Score on demand.

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