Ebano y metal (2017)

Concerto for bassoon, french horn, trombone and ensemble (19’)

Commissioned by Lemanic Modern Ensemble

With support from l’Aide à l’écriture d’une œuvre musicale originale du Ministère français de la Culture et de la Communication.

Premiered on 13th Novembre 2017 – Lausanne Suiza – HEMU Société de Musique Contemporaine.

The device shows from the start an unprecedented musical situation. The title, by its explicit reference to the material with which the instruments were built, guides us into a hearing in which the material of the sound is the construction axis of the musical discourse.

The placement of the soloist trio allows instruments that are always given a secondary role to be the leading voices.The instruments of the ensemble are distributed in three spaces: a double choir and a farther away level. The cartography and the trajectories that are drawn are a real second subject in the piece, giving a frame to the main discourse. Although the leading trio constitutes a unique and hybrid matter, bassoon, french horn and trombone emerge in certain moment and thus configure the shape of the piece. Sound fusion, as well as metal fusion and the fire needed for melting it, have determined the path of the discourse. Harmony, rhythm and agogic are oppressed by timbre and the energy that runs through the instruments. Lastly, the preponderance of the soloists over the ensemble sets a relation of power, and that way creates a sound dialectic from which a kind of speechless theatre appears.

Ebano y metal
LME (Lemanic Modern Ensemble) directed by William Blank.

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