Ka, III (Urbana 7.c)

(Five musical poems)
for flute, clarinet, violin, cello and electronics – circa 15 min.

Commissioned by the MIXTUR Festival for ensemble Diagonal

The very first version of Ka was written for clarinet, horn, violin, cello, percussion and two synthesizers in real time. This new version, the third, is a transcription for flutes, clarinet, violin and cello. The percussion and the synthesizers have been reorganized in fixed electronic sequences. The four acoustic instruments are processed in real time. In the original version the five acoustic instruments were amplified, in this new version the treatments are in precise relation with a time line and are evolved all over the 5 parts of the piece, they are a kind of small orchestra in a strong relationship with the electronic part.

This “translation” of the original piece was realized for the ensemble Diagonal and supported by the Mixtur Festival of Barcelona, where the piece premiered in April 2015.

The “Ka” is a sort of double in the ancient Egypt culture. The “Ka” is related to the power of creation and divinity, but also the forces of conservation that preserve the universal order.

There are Five different “musical” poems.

There is not a narrative point of view. The rhythm and the metrical organization here are the image of grammatical approach close to poetry. The goal is to reinforce the emotion in the first level with a large palette of musical metaphors.

The number five here is very important. Five Poems. The number 5 organizes and summarizes by nature. For the Maya, it represents the god of corn, which was not without importance, and for ancient Japanese culture were five former orients: Earth, water, fire, air and space.

  • These five poems can be “opened” using a key word:
    The body
    The breath
    The battle
    The vibration
    The depths of contrasts

 Luis Naon

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