Oberture Urbana (2004) (Urbana 5)

For diatonic bandoneon and orchestra.

Recorded 30th May 2004 in Radio France Maison for the emission of “Alla Breve” of France Musique.

Orchestre Philharmonique of Radio France
directed by
Kiryl Karabits, soloist bandoneon Per Arne Glorvigen.

Duration: circa 12 minutes.

Dedicated to Per Argen Glorvigen and Rut Schereiner “criollos de pura cepa” (full-blooded  creoles)

This piece, as opposed to what might be thought, does not have any elements from a classical overture.

The meaning of overture is more general and one needs to resort to it in order to discover the musical discourse climax. Effectively, the orchestra, which is a reflection of the bandoneon’s bellows, opens up to the sound space by drawing in the diverse influences that it provides.

Divided in 5 movements, the work responds the particular format of “Alla Breve” broadcasting in France Musique. This broadcast was created in 1998 by René Koering, its director. Its main objective was to overfill the lack of spreading contemporary music had in the state Radio. Each day of the week a part or movement of the commissioned work is spread. A wider broadcast allows the complete hearing and an interview with the composer. “Alla Breve“ was removed, and then put back; its name changed to “création mondiale” and is always in charge of Anne Montaron, in France Musique’s wavelength.

Number 5 has an internal and structural significance in the work. Although each of the movements do not have subtitles, they are associated to the days of the week and to the roman gods who give rise to their names.

Curiously, the work begins with Mars and ends with Jupiter.

Each number has a small commentary denoting its temper.

  • Martes (Tuesday) I movement – warrior, best day to start the week.
  • Lunes (Monday) II movement – on the night and on sleep, grey dust cloud and voluptuousness.
  • Miércoles (Wednesday) III movement – Mercury, metal fusion, matter and extreme high pitch.
  • Viernes (Friday) IV movement – Scherzo or Venus’ laugh.
  • Jueves (Thursday) V movement – matter coming from the bandoneon to express its whole width, remembrance of tango.

Obertura Urbana I

Obertura Urbana II

Obertura Urbana III

Obertura Urbana IV

Obertura Urbana V


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