Sextuor « . » (1994-95) (Urbana 25)

For a trio of clarinets and a trio of strings

Commissioned by TM+ ensemble

The different motivations for the composition of Sextuor « . », together with the languages used to put them into practice (languages that may appear, at first sight, antinomic or whimsical), are materialised as a sort of auditory journey that becomes the play itself. In this journey the ideas take precedence without the stages or states being fully shown. What matters is that from an old memory (either true or false), a new piece can emerge.

In the first notes of the Sextuor « . » programme I made explicit reference to the title, and in particular to that central dot, which marks the empty space. It is this emptiness as a metaphor what can cover such diverse nouns like: the journey, the departure, the broken string, the structure, the numbers, the beauty, or the sadness of a marine’s whistle.

Freedom is attained through that emptiness.

Sextuor « . »

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