Three pieces for 4 timbales. (2007) (Urbana 5b)

Three pieces for 4 timbales.

for Guillaume Lantonnet and Jean Geoffroy

Cette œuvre est en filiation directe avec Obertura Urbana, concerto pour bandonéon et orchestre (Urbana 4) dont j’ai extrait la partie de timbale du premier mouvement. Celle-ci, devenue la première de ces trois pièces, a été le point de départ d’un nouveau travail.

This composition is an emanation from Obertura Urbana, concerto for bandoneon and orchestra (Urbana 4) from which I pulled out the timbal part of the first movement that turned into the first of these three pieces and has been the starting point of a new work.

These pieces constitute a journey between rhythm and timbre through the glissando. 

It constitutes a way of going from something pure to something diffused, from epic to tender. From the imposing superficiality to an origin.

They are an overview on the dispersion energy in time. A way of questioning the security and unveil the intimate.

They are a progressive way of favouring fragility.

A diminuendo.

N° I



Three pieces for 4 timbales (urbana 5-b)
Guillaume Lantonnet, timbales
Recording at Salle Ernest Ansermet
Concert Maillages Sonores du Centre International de Percussion
8 février 2008, Genève.

Edited in Babelscores